Meet the Author: Matthew Luzi "The Boys in Chicago Heights: The Forgotten Crew of the Chicago Outfit"

May 15 2014 6:30 pm

Chicago Heights was long the seat of one of the major street crews of the Chicago Outfit, but its importance has often been overlooked and misunderstood. The crew's origins predate Prohibition, when Chicago Heights was a developing manufacturing center with a large Italian immigrant population. Its earliest bosses struggled for control until a violent gang war left the crew solidified under the auspices of Al Capone. For the first time, the history of the Chicago Heights street crew is traced from its inception through its last known boss.

Matthew Luzi will be at the Peotone Public Library on Thursday, May 15th, at 6:30 pm, to discuss his book .  Autograph copies will be available for $20.00.

You can registration for this event by calling the library at 708-258-3436 or come visit us at 515 N. First St. Peotone, IL 60468